Firefox, WordPress, Flash, oh fu…

Firefox update zu version 3
Photo owned by valentin.d (cc)
I’m having a crappy time uploading images on this blog at the moment. Since upgrading to Firefox 3 the flash uploader doesn’t work and I don’t have any other option to upload. I can go into the control panel on the server and upload directly into the blog content folder, but then I’m having to copy and paste URLs of pictures into the blog post.
The uploader seems to work fine in Internet Explorer, but it’s not my preferred browser and seems to be having major security issues at the moment.
My Flash is up-to-date and the only thing I’ve done that might have upset the apple cart is upgrading to WordPress 2.7 then rolling back when it broke my cformsII plugin.
I’m actually finding Firefox 3 to be a rather dissatisfying experience.
Google Chrome here I come?

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