Gift Ideas During COVID-19 Coronavirus Lockdown

Gift ideas during COVID-19 Coronavirus Lockdown: the shops might be closed on the high street and online but birthdays and wedding anniversaries are still happening. Why not make the gift of a caricature! I am currently able to deliver A3 caricature art all over Ireland through An Post.

We all have friends and family we haven’t been able to see for weeks. Birthdays are still happening, whether they’re the “big” ones: 21st birthdays, 40th birthdays, 60th, 70th, 80th birthdays; or the other less significant birthdays that don’t end in zero! I can deliver caricature art all over Ireland so you needn’t miss that birthday of your loved one!

A3 colour full body caricatures on 220gsm paper delivered all over Ireland €200 including delivery:

You can order a colour caricature as a digital image supplied by email to print out yourself or if you’d like to send the gift of a caricature to someone abroad.

Digital Colour Caricature Supplied by Email €150:

I also do a black and white head and shoulder caricature of up to 2 people that’s suitable for birthdays, wedding anniversaries, and engagement presents. I’ll even throw in a gag or 2 if you like! These black and white caricatures can also be supplied as a high resolution jpeg by email.

A3 Black and White Head and Shoulders Delivered Anywhere in Ireland:

If you’ve any questions about the options above please get in touch. Please share this post on your social media accounts and support the arts during this lockdown!


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