Go Go Gadget Legs! Player of the Year Awards Gift Caricature!

Congratulations to Chris Monk of Seaford Rock United who was recently named Majors Player of the Year 2019/2020. This caricature was presented to him in acknowledgement of his achievements with the team. Apparently he can get his legs anywhere the ball is (and judging from the reference photos that includes over his shoulders!) hence the Inspector Gadget-style legs in the caricature! Judging from the Facebook comments it went down really well!

Congratulations to Majors Player of the Year 2019/20 Chris Monk!
Chris netted an outstanding tally of 16 goals from midfield to finish top scorer, with a string of crucial strikes during the promotion push, allied to his tireless running and brilliant ball recovery, to earn a landslide win in the players’ vote
Thanks to Caricatures Ireland by Allan Cavanagh for the magnificent portrait

Posted by Seaford Rock Utd on Friday, 28 August 2020

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