Guest Post – Debbie Wright, Turas Theatre Collective

Helen Gregg, Jonathan Gunning, Debbie Wright, Turas Theatre Collective
“Remnants” by Turas Theatre Collective © Anita Murphy

UPDATE: The show referred to in this article was cancelled.

Galway-based actor and director Debbie Wright on her involvement in new Galway theatre project, Turas Theatre Collective.

“Turas Theatre Collective was formed in 2017 after founders Helen Gregg and myself, Debbie Wright, returned from a tour to Lebanon performing in refugee camps with Clowns without Borders. Actor Jonathan Gunning has also worked extensively with Clowns without Borders and the collectives new show Remnants is a response to their experiences.

“We are based in the west of Ireland and make collaboratively devised theatre working with performers, set designers, writers, directors, musicians, costume designers and scenic artists. Passionate about creating accessible street theatre, we tell stories in unusual spaces sharing a forum with the audience for expression, imagination and play.

Helen Gregg, Debbie Wright, Jonathan Gunning, Turas Theatre Collective
“Remnants” by Turas Theatre Collective © Anita Murphy

“With our new show Remnants, Turas Theatre Collective takes a poetic approach to story telling that is non verbal, innovative and strikingly beautiful. Ideas emanate from the heart producing a rich tapestry of imagery, movement and sound.

Remnants is a moving and powerful presentation on the theme of displacement. Using soundscape and movement it tells a visually spectacular and enthralling tale of three characters whose lives have been disrupted and who find themselves alone and homeless. The story interweaves the characters pasts with their hope for the future in a beautifully choreographed performance.”

 Jonathan Gunning, Helen Gregg, Debbie Wright, Turas Theatre Collective
“Remnants” by Turas Theatre Collective © Anita Murphy

Remnants will be performed on 16th March at An Taibhdhearc theatre as part of an evening of music, theatre and circus; an event organized by the Collective to raise money for Clowns without Borders. For more information about the Collective, their work and shows please see

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