How to Make Homemade Face Mask Pattern with Instructions

There’s a lot of mixed advice about wearing facemasks at the moment but we’ve started wearing them for going shopping. I figured out a pattern for a fitted facemask and I decided to share it here in case it’s helpful. Usual caveats apply, this is a homebrew mask, your mileage may vary, but I’ve found this makes a nice snug fit against my face and if it does anything to limit the spread of coronavirus then I’m all for it.

homemade facemask instructions
You will need:
Material for your mask
Washed and dried babywipe
A4 paper and printer
A marker
Thin wire (unfolded paperclip etc)
Fabric scissors
Needle and thread
Elastic/ elastic bands/ laces/ something for a strap

how to make homemade facemask template instructions
Homemade facemask template with instructions

1. Print off the template you see on this page on the full size of an A4 page. This facemask template is for an adult male face, you may need to print slightly smaller for smaller faces.
2. Carefully trace around the template using the marker, then flip it over so you’re tracing the mirror image. See illustrated instructions.
3. Cut out the mask from your material.
4. Fold it in half and iron a seam along the fold.
5. Using needle and thread tack the wire right in the middle, along the seam. This is going to bend over the bridge of your nose. Tack the babywipe and elastic in place (see illustration). If you don’t have elastic a string of elastic bands or even shoelaces will do.
6. Fold over and stitch the three “gaps” together as per illustration. These seams should be on the inside, i.e. the stitch will be next to your face. You’re going to be stitching 4 layers of material at this point which is tricky.
7. Stitch up the sides. Fold the bottom edge over the second elastic and stitch into place. Now make sure any “open” parts of the mask are stitched up too.
8. Put the mask on and fold the wire firmly over the bridge of your nose. You might need to play around with it for a firm and comfortable fit. Bottom elastic should go around your neck and top elastic should go over your ears.

how to make homemade facemask pattern material 2
Homemade Facemask Template Plain
Here’s one I made earlier!

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