Stephen Donnelly Explains Mandatory Hotel Quarantine To New Arrivals Covid-19

Stephen Donnelly Explaining Mandatory Quarantine To New Arrivals Covid 19 900px

“On RTÉ radio, Stephen Donnelly just said that people coming from “category 2″ countries will be asked to stay on an arriving plane for quarantine while EVERYONE ELSE ON THE PLANE WILL BE ALLOWED TO LEAVE. #morningireland” On RTÉ radio, Stephen Donnelly just said that people coming from "category 2" countries will be asked to … Read more

Micheál Martin, Eamon Ryan, Leo Varadkar, Stephen Donnelly: Coalition Government

Eamon Ryan Micheal Martin Leo Varadkar Stephen Donnelly

Great start to the New Year eh? And the historical revisionism is infuriating; it was as plain as day we were going back into lockdown with a wildfire escalation in cases coming due to the idiotic decision to relax restrictions. Here’s a cartoon I did on 25th November 2020. Well, Happy New Year everybody. I … Read more

Cancel the Date/Postpone the Date Wedding e-Cards for Weddings Affected by Covid-19


Cancel the date cards: I’ve had quite a few enquiries from couples having to cancel their current wedding date and postpone their wedding to a new date, looking for a caricature of them in face masks to put on the cancel the date cards! They’ve all said that while they’re disappointed they’ve had to cancel … Read more