Micheál Martin, Eamon Ryan, Leo Varadkar, Stephen Donnelly: Coalition Government

Eamon Ryan Micheal Martin Leo Varadkar Stephen Donnelly

Great start to the New Year eh? And the historical revisionism is infuriating; it was as plain as day we were going back into lockdown with a wildfire escalation in cases coming due to the idiotic decision to relax restrictions. Here’s a cartoon I did on 25th November 2020. Well, Happy New Year everybody. I … Read more

Roderic O’Gorman and the Mother and Baby Homes

roderic o gorman mother and baby homes

‘During the debate on amendments to the Mother and Baby Home legislation, @HollyCairnsTD
asked the Minister if he would accept any of the amendments put forward by TDs that are based on input from survivors & human rights experts. He said “No”.’

Is Peter Keane the Biggest Prick on Galway City Council?

Galway Councillor Peter Keane Fianna Fail Galway busking by-laws Ed Sheeran

Peter Keane Galway: Absolutely infuriating. Galway City Council has voted 12-6 to place restrictions on busking in Galway City, despite Galway buskers attempting to negotiate a voluntary code with them. Circle shows and amplification are affected, and drum kits are just banned. Galway is another one of those conservative places that officially puts more stock … Read more

Charlie Adley’s Double Vision – Irish Government Must Invest in Irish Genius!

Galway Councillor Peter Keane Fianna Fail Galway busking by-laws Ed Sheeran
Councillor Peter Keane & Ed Sheeran discuss the merits of Galway City Council’s abysmal busking by-laws in this week’s cartoon. Click to see more!

Dara Calleary TD, Fianna Fáil.

I predicted the night of the long knives against Cowen that we’d be seeing more of Dara Calleary in the near future, and if the pol corrs are to be believed, he’s shortly going to become part of Micheál Martin’s “shadow cabinet for his own government.”