Capoeira Wedding Invites – Irish/Brazilian Wedding

This caricature was for a wedding invitation and incorporated some themes of Brazil and Ireland. In the background, there’s an image of the Farol da Barra light house in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil. There’s also Baiana de Acaraje (ladies dressing in typical traditional Baiana de Acaraje dress). My favourite detail this couple decided on was a … Read more

Friday Cartoon: Fire Brigade

You can see more of my cartoons here. I’m Allan Cavanagh and I have been professionally producing caricatures and cartoon art for over 20 years. Want to order a caricature? Click here. Want to make an enquiry? Click here. See my reviews here. Want to follow my socials? Click here for Facebook and click here … Read more

Friday Cartoon: Godzilla Vs. Kong

godzilla v king kong batman v superman martha mothra cartoon

GODZILLA VS. KONG: WHY DID YOU SAY THAT NAME?? Related Posts: Eddie Izzardhands Drawing The Banshees of Inisherin I coulda been somebody, I coulda been a contenda Wet Ass Lighthouse Keepers See more of my stuff at the bottom of this post! Watched Godzilla Vs. Kong last weekend. It was terrible. I loved it. Nothing … Read more