Friday Cartoon: The Feeling of Trying to Watch A YouTube Video Today

Seriously Google your ads are out of control. I can feel my life slipping away every time the counter for a 30 second ad comes up. I just want to find out how to do something in Procreate, I don’t need a 30 second lecture about women’s car insurance or an Elon Musk bad lip-reading shallowfake telling me about cryptomonkey jpegs that somehow doesn’t go against your advertising policies. All those 30 seconds add up like the deposit tax on a drink can, I shouldn’t be reminded of my own mortality every time I go looking for clips from a 1980s cartoon show about a man who can turn into a boat or whatever. LET ME LIVE.

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Cartoon about YouTube ads, man sitting at computer desk with the grim reaper standing over him. The man is labelled ME, the computer is labelled A VIDEO I WANT TO WATCH, the grim reaper is labelled A 30 SECOND YOUTUBE VIDEO

4 thoughts on “Friday Cartoon: The Feeling of Trying to Watch A YouTube Video Today”

  1. @antony Oh I have a hairtrigger reaction hitting that mute button these days. Obnoxiously loud compared to the video level.

  2. @art All the ads have done for me is teach me that 'm' is mute – it's the sudden burst of sound that I find most obnoxious. The lost time is a pain but it's not as bad if it's silent.

    It's not as though Google needs the money though.

    The worse part is ad-blocking elsewhere – Google has NO idea what I like, so I get everything under the sun… some of it not appropriate for family consumption.

    Cool cartoon, bookmarked for later sharing.

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