Friday Cartoon – Deconstructing Core Memories

A snowy scene with several families making snowmen. In the foreground is a chef with a small blowtorch melting snow in a bucket. Nearby is a sliced carrot and some pieces of coal are arranged in lines. The caption reads "That snowy day, little Tommy realised he really, really hated deconstructed cuisine."

Just by the skin of my teeth here’s the last Friday Cartoon of 2023. Thanks to everyone who hired me for a wedding or event, or commissioned work this year. I had over 80 weddings and corporate events in 2023, and dozens of commissions, which will slowly appear on this site if they’re not up … Read more

Cartoon Museum Interview: #DrawTheCoronaVirus: A Cartoon Mini-Challenge from the Mind of Martin Rowson

am dram coronavirus cartoon2 800px

[In 2020 I was delighted to give an interview in the prestigious pages of a fundraising e-book, #DrawTheCoronaVirus: A Cartoon Mini-Challenge from the Mind of Martin Rowson, by the Covid-closed and financially strapped Cartoon Museum. The book includes works by Ralph Steadman, Steve Bell, Ben Jennings, Nick Newman, Banx, Steve Bright, Zoom Rockman, Grizelda and … Read more