Galway Cartoon Festival Programme Now Live!

galway cartoon festival 2020 programme poster

Galway Cartoon Festival 2020: the full GCF 2020 programme is now live. I am a founding member of the Festival and this year I have selected the works for the main exhibition, The New Normal. It was a massive task with over 400 works submitted, and you could literally throw a dart at the map … Read more

Gender Reveal Parties

gender reveal party fire cartoon

Gender Reveal Party Cartoon by Allan Cavanagh. “A fire sparked by a pyrotechnic device used during a gender reveal party [in California] has burned more than 10000 acres since Saturday.” [Source] I’m caricature artist Allan Cavanagh and I have been creating unique caricatures from photos as gifts and presents delivered all over the world for … Read more

Galway Cartoon Festival 2020: Help Us Happen!

cartoon festival logo web 02The Galway Cartoon Festival is 4 this year. Despite the pandemic we are still planning to host a physical exhibition.
Our ability to fund-raise has been severely curtailed.

If you’ve ever enjoyed an editorial cartoon please bung us a fiver.

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Cartoons for an Instruction Manual 📖

good affinity roadmaster cartoon

Cartoons are excellent at keeping the attention of the reader and getting your message across in a fun way. They’re completely customisable and you can create scenes that would be expensive or even impossible to set up for a photo shoot. This is a series of cartoons I completed for a user manual for a … Read more

Drawing your attention: Four Centuries of Political Caricature #TCDToons

The Lobby of the House of Commons Liborio Prosperi 1886 1

I helped launch the exhibition Drawing your attention: Four Centuries of Political Caricature on Friday night in the Long Room, Trinity College Dublin. I drew live caricatures of the invitees and the exhibition was formally launched by Mary Robinson. It was quite the venue to get to draw in! Trinity Library is in possession of the Nicholas Robinson collection of some 2400 political cartoons, gifted by the former cartoonist himself.

An exhibition of four centuries of political cartoons opened at the Library of Trinity College Dublin this week. ‘Drawing your attention: Four Centuries of Political Caricature’ includes the Library’s own collections, with originals from its extensive 18th and 19th century collection gifted by Nicholas Robinson, alumnus, writer, lawyer and former cartoonist. The contemporary works in the exhibition are on loan from freelance artist, Martyn Turner, who is best associated with The Irish Times.

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The Lobby of the House of Commons Liborio Prosperi 1886
The Lobby of the House of Commons – Liborio Prosperi 1886

The Newborn Identity by twisteddoodles

the newborn identity twisteddoodles

The Newborn Identity by twisteddoodles: phenomenally prolific cartoonist and friend of Galway Cartoon Festival Maria Boyle, aka twisteddoodles, has written a book. She has somehow managed to write a book about rearing twins while simultaneously rearing twins. It’s a joyous and poignant reminiscence through Maria’s first year of motherhood, interspersed with her wry cartoon takes … Read more