I’d like to dedicate this to Nicola, Richard, Richie, Seamus, Hazel…

We had a bit of craic on the Facebook group this week:

“Fans of 2FM presenters Rick O’Shea and Nikki Hayes have this week turned the tables on 2FM over format changes to the shows.

All this week fans, or Ricktivists, have been inundating 2FM shows with requests for Britney Spears’ Trouble and dedicating them to Richard or Nicola. This song has in fact been adopted as an anthem by the campaign. Campaign organiser Allan Cavanagh has said that in effect, 2FM has been playing a song dedicated to Rick and Nikki:

“The Facebook group was set up to show RTE that fans were unhappy with the changes to the shows. We adopted Britney’s Trouble as an anthem for its name and likelihood of getting played. Effectively 2FM has been playing our anthem in support of two of its presenters on its request shows. Now every time it’s played on 2FM it will stand for the unnecessary changes made to the shows and the need to revert to the previous, more popular format.

“The campaign now has over 300 members and will continue to urge 2FM to reverse its decision on this dreadful waste of talent.”

Rick O’Shea and Nikki Hayes had previously had highly interactive shows where listeners drove the shows’ content, but were recently instructed by 2FM management to drop features and simply introduce the music.”

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