Irish Times on Political Cartoonist John Doyle 1797-1868

John Doyle Political Cartoonist The Lion and the MouseThere was a great profile on Irish political cartoonist and caricature artist John Doyle in the Irish Times on Thursday 4th January. Doyle was born in Dublin and published a series of very successful political cartoon lithographs after he moved to London. He was hugely influential on cartoonists who followed him, including his son Richard, whose work often appeared in Punch magazine.

He produced a number of caricatures involving Daniel O’Connell; he was sympathetic to O’Connell’s fight for Catholic rights but not to his Repeal campaign. One cartoon, Daniel in the Lions’ Den, has O’Connell in a subterranean den surrounded by politicians with recognisable faces but lions’ bodies.

You can read the full article over at An Irishman’s Diary.

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