Putting the Band Back Together

Cartoon full Irish breakfast chicken egg sausage beans cafe waitress customer
There’s no better way to start the day and this new year than with a fine breakfast, and I’m not talking about a healthy breakfast. Much as I love my weekday porridge or yoghourt, fruit and muesli, everyone deserves a little treat, so every Saturday I enjoy taking myself out for a Full Irish.

From 2003 to 2009 I contributed a cartoon every week to the Connacht Tribune for Charlie Adley’s Double Vision column in the Life section of that newspaper. In 2009 the section ceased publication and the column in that form came to an end. Charlie continued is column in the main paper but the cartoons had come to an end. I missed the discipline of producing a new cartoon every week to the brief of themes in Charlie’s column. Charlie continued to post his articles on the blog we’d set up, Double Vision, recycling old cartoons of mine where possible and improvising with stock images where not. Some of the cartoons I was able to licence to other publications over the years, including a school textbook in Germany and a Dutch magazine’s interview with Arsene Wenger. At one point my cartoon of George Bush was the number one result for “George Bush cartoon” in the world and the cartoons were a real traffic puller to my site.

I’ve decided I’d like to start doing the cartoons again. As I said I missed the discipline of working to a brief every week and the wide variety of cartoons I was able to generate over the years so I approached Charlie who was delighted with the idea. I’ll be publishing the cartoons here again and they’ll be part of the Double Vision blog again every Sunday. They won’t be in the paper but if the paper wants to get in touch about it I’m all ears!

You can see the Double Vision cartoon archive here.

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