How to draw the prime minister as a cartoon – BBC News

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I’ve had a few goes at cartooning Theresa May myself. This is a nice wee video from the BBC about what goes into caricaturing a politician and how the caricature evolves and takes on an aspect of its own.

Dave Brown has been poking fun at politicians for the past 30 years. [He says] Theresa May “pulls a lot of expressions” which makes her easier to sketch.

I remember Steve Bell talking about the evolving likeness of David Cameron in a similar sense on the Guardian a few years ago (remember David Cameron?!)

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Love this yarn from legendary cartoonist Daryl Cagle (who I got to hang out with in Algeria many moons ago) from his days as a 25-year-old Muppets merchandise artist:

The Muppets had taken over a large part of the Macy’s Herald Square department store with Muppet licensed merchandise and they did a promotion where I would sit in the middle of the Muppet products and draw Muppets at the request of customers. I hadn’t done anything like this before, but it sounded like it would be fun…

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