How to draw the prime minister as a cartoon – BBC News

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I’ve had a few goes at cartooning Theresa May myself. This is a nice wee video from the BBC about what goes into caricaturing a politician and how the caricature evolves and takes on an aspect of its own.

Dave Brown has been poking fun at politicians for the past 30 years. [He says] Theresa May “pulls a lot of expressions” which makes her easier to sketch.

I remember Steve Bell talking about the evolving likeness of David Cameron in a similar sense on the Guardian a few years ago (remember David Cameron?!)

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Muppet Mob Scene |

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Love this yarn from legendary cartoonist Daryl Cagle (who I got to hang out with in Algeria many moons ago) from his days as a 25-year-old Muppets merchandise artist:

The Muppets had taken over a large part of the Macy’s Herald Square department store with Muppet licensed merchandise and they did a promotion where I would sit in the middle of the Muppet products and draw Muppets at the request of customers. I hadn’t done anything like this before, but it sounded like it would be fun…

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Caricature of Pran Kumar Sharma, creator of Chacha Chaudhary

Caricature of Cartoonist Pran
This is a caricature of the late Indian cartoonist Pran, creator of hugely popular character Chacha Chaudhary. That’s him over his shoulder. Pran’s comics sold nearly 10 million copies.

This cartoon is due to be published in an upcoming Pran biography.

Pran Kumar Sharma (Wikipedia)

New Animation Studio fo Kilkenny Creating 140 Jobs

Still from Star of the Sea by Cartoon Saloon

Great new out of Kilkenny today: Bord Scannán na hÉireann/the Irish Film Board welcomes the news that award-winning Irish animation company, Cartoon Saloon and Canadian firm Mercury Filmworks will launch Lighthouse Studios—a new venture, focused on 2-D animation, that will create 140 jobs in Kilkenny over the next three years. Supported by the IDA and … Read more

Caricature Commission: Robin Hood and Polar Bears!

Caricature of a man dancing with Robin Hood, a polar bear, and a crowd of people

Recent caricature commission for a chap who was finishing up with his organisation. They did a lot of work around equality and climate change hence the Robin Hood and Polar Bear references!