ESB Retirement/New Job Caricature Gifts


This is a series of caricatures I did for various ESB staff who were either retiring or moving on to new positions elsewhere. I drew a lot of wires with these ones! I had to be very specific too with certain equipment that corresponded with the subjects’ areas of expertise. There are also several items and background details placed in the caricatures that have particular relevance to each of the subjects, such as Singapore landmarks and particular ESB vans. Each caricature was framed and delivered by courier. Great fun and I look forward to drawing more next year!

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Retirement Caricature!

retirement gift caricature from photos allan cavanagh

This retirement caricature went not-too-far to Tuam before Christmas. It features lots of items from the subject’s life including sports involvement and work references. There’s a Kilconly GAA jersey, a button accordian, microphone, and a Tuam Herald (he’s a very loyal reader!) Also included is a signpost with various places important to him, and peeking in from the back is a cow!

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Doctor Retirement Gifts Ireland

HSE Doctor retirement gift

Doctor retirement gifts Ireland: above is a recently completed retirement caricature for a HSE doctor in Sligo. Pictured in the background is Sligo Regional Hospital and she’s carrying her trademark suitcase which is bursting with medical charts and folders. She’s a keen card player so I incorporated that and if you look closely at the … Read more

Caricature Commission: Robin Hood and Polar Bears!

Caricature of a man dancing with Robin Hood, a polar bear, and a crowd of people

Recent caricature commission for a chap who was finishing up with his organisation. They did a lot of work around equality and climate change hence the Robin Hood and Polar Bear references!

Caricature for the retirement of Archdeacon of Cork, Cloyne & Ross!

This is a caricature of newly retired former Archdeacon of Cork, Cloyne and Ross, Robin Bantry White. It was a present from the clergy of the diocese and includes many of his hobbies and interests. Here’s the piece after being framed. The presentation! The above 3 photos are courtesy of photographer Neil Danton, and used … Read more