Zurich Portrait Prize 2020 | National Gallery of Ireland

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The Zurich Portrait Prize 2020 has been launched by the National Gallery of Ireland:

The annual competition is open to artists living on the island of Ireland, and Irish artists living abroad. The winner will receive a cash prize of €15,000, and a commission worth €5,000 to create a work for inclusion in the National Portrait Collection. There will also be two awards of €1,500 for highly commended works.

A shortlist of portraits will be chosen by the 2020 judging panel and exhibited at the National Gallery of Ireland from 21 November 2020 to 21 March 2021.

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Artist James Gurney Painting in Dublin

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Artist James Gurney was in Dublin recently and completed this watercolour painting of a scene near College Green in 2 hours. Despite the quick turnaround the weather changed on him twice and he has to remove the painting he started and start again! James is the author and illustrator of the Dinotopia series of books … Read more

Wine and Design at Tartare

Tartare Café + Wine Bar Galway Artist Talks

Interesting art initiative from chef and food industry powerhouse JP McMahon here in Galway:

Tartare Café + Wine Bar is launching a monthly event, Wine & Design, which will explore the creative connection between food and the arts.

On the first Wednesday of each month from 7:00pm to 8:00pm, Tartare Café + Wine Bar will host a local artist or designer, providing them with a platform to discuss their work, their inspirations, and what it means to be an artist in Galway.

Future artists include Macnas’ Noeline Kavanagh, artist Finbar247, photographer Anita Murphy, stylist Zania Koppe, Elena Santos of Just Art It, Sandra Lovern of Lovern Leather Goods, and TULCA’s Kerry Guinan.

The events are free but booking is recommended. To book call (091) 567 803 or email food@tartaregalway.ie.
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Facebook 3D images without iPhone

700sun depth

This is very cool. You can now create 3D images on Facebook via browser.

Previously Facebook 3D images could be done with iPhone cameras that had portrait mode but now you can upload them yourself using your browser facebook application.

You just need to create a depth map of the image you want to 3D-ify. I tried it out using my clocks going forward cartoon.
clocks go forward ireland
You simply build up areas of your image in shades of grey, the darker the area, the “further back” it will be in the final image. The writing in white will appear in the “foreground”.
700sun depth
I just built this up in layers and flattened it at the end. You save both as png or jpeg (I used png here) and save both with the same file name, except you amend “_depth” to the name of your depth image. For example
The underscore is important here.
Then you upload both as a status on Facebook in your browser, and Facebook automatically combines them!

Very cool! (The embed might not work on every browser but if you’re reading on a desktop computer you should see the effect.)

I’d seen these pop on Facebook and I thought there was third party software involved where you define planes using polygons and layers and the program extrapolates data from each layer to fill in the detail “behind” the foreground subject but it’s actually a much simpler process! Was fun figuring out how grey something should be for its “distance”. If you look at the treees in the midground you can see I even gave the ones in the background slightly more depth than the trees in the foreground. I’m not sure of the applications for this other than a cool thing to try but sometimes that’s enough!

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Galway European Capital of Culture Connecting The Dots Exhibition Launch – Galway 2020

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Connecting the Dots is an intergenerational Small Towns Big Ideas project connecting primary school children with older generations through Music and Art.

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KAVA artists explore why Earth Matters

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Earth Matters is the title of an exhibition from 13 Kinvara Area Visual Arts artists, which is currently running at the village courthouse, and which focuses on climate change. The exhibiting artists are Petra Breathnach, Fiona Cawley, Patsy Connolly, Belinda Fair, Pam Fleming, Mavis Gormally, Antoinette Hensey, Meriel Lloyd, Regina O’Dea, Julia O’Keefe, Diane Reid, Patricia Timmons, and Darryl Vance.

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