How to draw the prime minister as a cartoon – BBC News

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I’ve had a few goes at cartooning Theresa May myself. This is a nice wee video from the BBC about what goes into caricaturing a politician and how the caricature evolves and takes on an aspect of its own.

Dave Brown has been poking fun at politicians for the past 30 years. [He says] Theresa May “pulls a lot of expressions” which makes her easier to sketch.

I remember Steve Bell talking about the evolving likeness of David Cameron in a similar sense on the Guardian a few years ago (remember David Cameron?!)

via How to draw the prime minister as a cartoon – BBC News

Double Vision by Charlie Adley- Aneurin Bevan NHS Theresa May BREXIT Cartoon

Aneurin Nye Bevan NHS Theresa May BREXIT cartoon in Indian Ink and Coloured Pencil
“While I loved my travelling years I carried much more of a burden than the weight of Blue Bag on my shoulder. At the tender age of 17 I discovered that an Englishman abroad has much to prove to the world.”
A cartoon featuring Aneurin Bevan and Theresa May in the context of BREXIT from Charlie Adley’s weekly Double Vision column, published in the Connacht Tribune every week. My cartoons are only available online mind! Like it? Hate it? Leave a comment!