The British News Cycle

boris johnson jeremy corbyn election 2019 cartoon

As Project British Self-Loathing approaches its final form this Thursday, here’s a cartoon about the news cycle “over there” featuring Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn. Did you know: in the UK you cannot be found guilty of murder if you tousle a blond wig during your trial.

boris johnson jeremy corbyn election 2019 cartoon
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boris johnson rugby brexit cartoon today

Yet another cartoon of this hateful kitchen mop of malice and avarice, this time in a rugby setting that I assure you was very topical at the time what with the Rugby World Cup being on and Britain still having a government (it’s from October, absolutely hot off the press this cartoon!) Of course this … Read more

Charlie Adley’s Double Vision – It’s a Privilege to Love Your Work!

boris johnson arlene foster brexit self employed

A cartoon from Charlie’s column about the perils of Brexit for the self-employed: He’s touched a nerve. A nerve that’s been going into spasm recently. If I was the owner of a manufacturing business, the minister’s advice might be relevant. Yet as a self-employed entity, the last thing I need is to hear more of … Read more

Johnson PM. Well this is horrible.

Boris Johnson Cartoons: a recap of a couple of my recent cartoons featuring the platinum dolt and his toothpick friend, and a riff on how Johnson sees himself as Churchill (that’s going to get so much worse now). Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson is now Prime Minister across the pond. Awful watching a country seized … Read more