Charlie Adley’s Double Vision – It’s a Privilege to Love Your Work!

boris johnson arlene foster brexit self employed

A cartoon from Charlie’s column about the perils of Brexit for the self-employed: He’s touched a nerve. A nerve that’s been going into spasm recently. If I was the owner of a manufacturing business, the minister’s advice might be relevant. Yet as a self-employed entity, the last thing I need is to hear more of … Read more

Charlie Adley’s Double Vision – Northern Ireland Messes Me Up!

arlene foster psychic healer

“Wandering the late evening Enniskillen streets, I see that Arlene Foster’s imposing constituency office is next door to a psychic healer. A bit of DUP and then you need some Reiki” Still catching up with posting my Double Vision cartoons backlog, here’s an Arlene Foster cartoon from a few weeks ago when ar wee Charlie … Read more