Charlie Adley’s Double Vision – We Can’t Tell the ‘Woulds’ from the ‘Please’!

Arlene Foster Leo Varadkar Cartoon
“Recently we’ve seen an increase in flabby disingenuous apologies, designed to appear sincere while distancing the perpetrator from the crime.”
I’m enjoying getting to draw public figures again in the all-new Double Vision collaboration with Charlie Adley, like this Arlene Foster Leo Varadkar cartoon. It’s a discipline I’ve missed and getting to hone it again is very rewarding. I like drawing topical stuff and Charlie’s article gives me a focus of mind every week. Charlie’s work appears first in the Connacht Tribune, then a dedicated blog with my illustration, then I post the illustration here. Eventually I’m going to exhibit all the cartoons and hopefully tour the exhibition.

You can read about Arlene Foster’s Cash for Ash scandal here.

Leo Varadkar’s disgusting dole demonisation can be read about here.
I have an archive of cartoons going back over 10 years (with a big gap from 2009 to now!) which you can see here.

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