Kilkenny Wedding Entertainment – Caricature Artist Allan Cavanagh in the Kilkenny River Court Hotel

Here’s me drawing my arm off in the Kilkenny River Court Hotel in February. Such an aptly named hotel, I had a great wee spot in the conservatory and my sitters were able to look out onto the river and even see Kilkenny Castle poking around the corner! It was a lovely bright day so the sun soaked in through the windows and diffused throughout the room nicely, that’s basically my perfect lighting conditions! I always love when I hear someone saying “I’m not doing that!” near the start of the drawing session because I know they’ll be back to me with great enthusiasm once they see their friends getting drawn. What they really mean is “Im not going to be the FIRST to do that”! I won’t tell you which guest it was but we had a real laugh about it when they did sit down with me! I have included a gallery of the caricature drawings and a short video below.

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Kilkenny Wedding Entertainment (Video)

Kilkenny Wedding Entertainment (Gallery)

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