I was in London at the weekend. On Friday night I went to Shunt, a club, performance and exhibition space in the London Underground. Thanks to the good old London Metropolitan Police I had to have my driving licence scanned on the way in so they can prevent terrorism know the movements of as many people as possible for whatever end they wish.
We didn’t end up catching any of the shows (all ticketed- buy early) but the place was full of installations, that change every week. I was quite taken with the readymades/fetish objects on the way in:
Me having a Duchamp meets Beuys moment.

Saturday night, went to this:

Wicked is composed of some of the best stagecraft I’ve ever seen. Not a huge fan of musicals, but the fantasy elements of Wicked bring it out of the quagmire of tack that many recent musicals are knee deep in. The songs, makeup and effects are really breathtaking, and Kerry Ellis voice is amazing, especially during Defying Gravity.
Still haven’t seen the Lion King, but that’s a trip for another time with the kids.

Sunday brought a visit to the Tate Modern:


There were still loads of huge snowballs knocking around the parks:

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