Date Announced for Macnas Parade 2017

Macnas Parade 2017

Macnas Parade 2017: Macnas have just announced the date for this year’s Galway parade. It’s Sunday, 29th of October 2017.

Giants and otherworldly performers descend on the city for a night of mischief and mayhem!

The Macnas Parade is one of the highlights of the Galway Arts calendar, becoming its very own event having broken away from its origins in the Galway Arts Festival a number of years ago. They will of course be looking for massive amounts of volunteers to make it happen. As a 20 year veteran of Macnas I really encourage everyone to get involved performing, making, or even just pushing! If you’re over 18 you can apply here.
(Above: cartoon of Macnas by me from, holy crap, 2007!)
Macnas stilt performer on the streets of Galway with Galway Cathedral visible in the background

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