Makeup Artist Boove Caricature

Makeup artist Boove caricature by Allan Cavanagh
Makeup Artist Caricature: this caricature was for Wexford-based make-up artist Denise Gainford, otherwise known as Make Up by Boove! Denise contacted me about commissioning a caricature she could use in her business for her social media presence. She gave me a brief of how she’d like to appear in the caricature and we tweaked it until it was just right for her.

Denise has used the caricature in extensively in her branding including a display stand and gift vouchers, which is great to see. A caricature is a unique identity for your business and while it might not suit an undertaker or heart surgeon there are many businesses it would suit! Contact me for prices if you’re interested in a caricature for your business!

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