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Hammer Horror Podcast by JG ByrneHammer Horror Podcast – Hammered is a new podcast by pop culture critic and horror addict JG Byrne, otherwise known as @Fustar. The first episode is available now, where John (JG) and comics author Maura McHugh engage in meticulous dissection (just look at these cut marks, these are too precise to be the work of a random killer, no, this is the work of a skilled surgeon, a gifted madman… sorry there may be a bit of that in this post) of The Quatermass Xperiment (1955). The aim is to cover the golden age of Hammer Horror, which John anticipates bringing us up to 1976. It features original music by David Blake.

Longform Chat about Each Film

JG Byrne Fustar
JG Byrne, presenter of Hammered, the Hammer Horror Podcast

If the first episode is anything to go by each episode will be a generous longform chat with lots of trivia as well as film content. There are plenty of asides with biographical detail about the actors and directors, as well as off-camera events that influenced the final film. I’ve known John for years and he’s genuinely one of the most entertaining pop culture critics out there, and regularly contributes to radio programmes on RTE. I’m a big evangelist for podcasts, and I find them invaluable on long journeys. I’m also a huge Hammer Horror fan and my formative years involved lots of sneaking into the sitting-room and watching whichever Hammer was on with the volume turned down excruciatingly low. I usually got caught but the anticipation always added to the atmosphere.

How to Listen to Hammer Horror Podcast Hammered

Maura McHugh Author
Maura McHugh Author

You can catch Hammered via your browser here. It’s also available on iTunes here. I recommend subscribing to it so you never miss an episode. The first episode is available now and further episodes will EMERGE FROM THE CRYPT SOON. ENJOOOOYYYYYY….

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