Caricature Artist- Hotel Meyrick Christmas Lunch 2017!

Caricature Artist
Caricature Artist Allan Cavanagh: Here’s some of the caricatures I drew yesterday for the Hotel Meyrick‘s Client Christmas Lunch. The lunch was hosted in the hotel and I ended up drawing a few clients of my own, which was funny because I’ve drawn so many caricatures *for* them, I’ve never gotten around to drawing one of them! I’ve drawn caricatures at many weddings in the Hotel Meyrick over the years, it’s a wonderful wedding venue with great staff. It was a lot of fun to be part of their client lunch and as you can see from the photos my caricatures went down very well with my sitters. Of course it was also lovely to have a gig in Galway where I live as I’m all over the country as a busy caricature artist! Just last weekend I was in Kerry, and this weekend coming I’m in Donegal, both for weddings.
Easel and 2 chairs Hotel Meyrick

My easel in place with the chairs for my sitters!

Christ Carol Choir in Hotel Meyrick Galway

There was a choir singing Christmas Carols when I arrived which really put me in a Christmas mood! some more of my caricatures below. As you can see the Hotel Meyrick’s logo is on the paper. (I also drew a little sprig of holly for the day that was in it!) My caricatures are excellent for branding activities for your venue or product! Product launches are especially suited to my brand of entertainment and art production. The paper is A3 and can include any graphic artwork such as logos or details such as dates or venues that you require. I work all over Ireland so if you’re interested in having branded caricatures at your event contact me, Caricature Artist Allan Cavanagh!

Carried Away PR Galway Galway Advertiser Galway Chamber Galway Cultural Institute Kerry O'Sullivan Go West Hilary Martyn, John Crumlish, Paul Fahy Galway Arts Festival

I draw my live caricatures at corporate events and also weddings. You can see some of my live caricatures from various Galway wedding venues here.

Caricature Artist 3 women with caricature by Allan Cavanagh

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