Meet Your Maker Podcast

Meet Your Maker Podcast
I’ve started listening to Meet Your Maker podcast, produced and presented by media polyglot Liam Geraghty. If you’ve kids you’ve probably seen Liam’s work as a puppeteer on the show Brain Freeze but he’s also a RTE business correspondent. He co-presented the late, and much loved, Comic Cast podcast.

Meet Your Maker Podcast

Meet Your Maker podcast is a slick arts and culture review show, focussing on the makers, that promises to be a great listen. I spend a lot of time on the road and podcasts are an absolute sanity saver, I still don’t know if enough people know the scope and scale of brilliant informative shows out there. You could do a lot worse than start off the breezy and entertaining MYM. Liam is an affable and cheerful voice and Meet Your Maker is produced to a very high standard.

Garfield Minus Garfield

The first episode features an interview with Dan Walsh, who achieved unexpected internet fame with his doctored Garfield strip, Garfield Minus Garfield. I remember this blowing up and it was great to hear how it took on a life of its own. Dan removed Garfield from the famous 3 panel strip. Simple as that. And it transformed the strip into something sad, poignant, existential, weird, and strangely reassuring to many.
Garfield minus Garfield cartoon
Garfield Minus Garfield had millions of visitors every day and garnered international media attention. Dan tells Liam about the pressure this internet fame put him under and how the owners of Tumblr helped him deal with those pressures. The podcast also charts what happened when Jim Davis, Garfield’s creator, caught wind of the anonymous Dan’s alterations, and went on to discover his identity…

Meet Your Maker Podcast is available on iTunes and can be streamed from its own site.



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