Charlie Adley’s Double Vision – I disappeared under a pyramid of plastic bottles!

Cartoon of man reflected in a drop of water in a tap
Cartoon of man reflected in a drop of water about to fall from a tap

Charlie gets reflected in the last precious drop of water about to fall from the tap in his house in this cartoon from the latest Double Vision column:

“The most astonishing thing about this long hot summer is how well the rest of the natural world has survived, compared to us. How puny we have become in our First World complacency, struggling to maintain water levels, while the native plants and trees around us grow and reproduce regardless.”

I for one am glad to see a bit of rain falling (sorry Race Week punters). I drove down to Waterford for a wedding a few weeks ago and I don’t think I’d ever seen Ireland looking so… yellow. The grass on either side of the road had shriveled to a dusty straw that looked like it was about to spontaneously combust. I also had an outdoor wedding where a man of my hirsute disposition can quickly turn a lobster pink in the absence of sunscreen. One guest was so concerned for me she brought me over a bottle of Factor 30 which is now part of my kit, next to my pencils and inks.

I also discovered white collars and sunscreen don’t go well together, so next sunny day I must dunk the bonce in lotion before I go near my pristine shirts. Drawing in the sun is tricky too due to the glare, and I can’t wear sunglasses or my sitters see the drawing reflected in the lenses and it spoils the surprise! Look, I’m not complaining, I really enjoyed the weather while it lasted but it’s nice to have lots and lots of rain again. It’s like coming home after a holiday without going anywhere. Reassuring and just the right amount of depressing. See, I am looking on the bright side!

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