Nurse and Jockey!

Caricature of Nurse and Jockey getting married with pet beagle in the foreground
Wedding Caricature Signing Board Ireland with Nurse, Jockey and Beagle!

I had a lot of fun with this Nurse and Jockey caricature for a wedding signing board in June. The bride’s a nurse so of course I had to give her a huge red cross and a syringe. The groom is a jockey so it was helmet, goggles, riding crop, trousers and jockey boots. The signposts are for Blackwater and Cleariestown where they’re from, and this is another nice way of personalising the wedding signing board. Pets often feature prominently in my wedding caricatures and this drawing was no exception, as you can see their pet beagle turned up in the drawing, wagging his tail! Signing boards ship all over Ireland and come with special pens. For more details have a look around my caricature blog, you can contact me here, or you can order a caricature signing board for your wedding here.

All of my caricature wedding signing boards are collected here. If you’re interested in this fun alternative to traditional guestbooks please get in touch!

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