NUIG Freshers Week at Kingfisher Gym!

NUIG freshers week
Had a lot of fun yesterday at Kingfisher Club in NUIG for NUIG Freshers Week. I was set up outside the gym and while the newly-arrived first years were getting their bearings I was getting them to sit for a caricature courtesy of the Kingfisher! NUIG is my alma mater so it was nice to be back drawing caricatures of the new arrivals. I was talking to one guy who’d just arrived from Donegal. I told him I came to Galway (I’m from Donegal myself) in 1994 and he sort of looked at me.
“You didn’t exist then did you?”
I suppose that’s just going to keep happening! Welcome to all the new First Years and hope you have an amazing first year in Galway. I came to Galway to study art and they never got rid of me!

These are just a fraction of the caricatures I drew on the day:
Kingfisher Gym Galway
I’m not only for NUIG Freshers Week! My live caricatures are an excellent means of promoting your company’s offer or product. It’s a fun way of introducing potential clients to your branding and your company’s name will be on display in dozens of homes and offices around the country. Caricature paper is printed in advance to contain prominent details of your company’s name, product or event. The date can be included as well. I’m available all over Ireland and I’ve done many such events in Galway, Limerick, Dublin, Cork, Sligo, and Belfast. If you’ve a product launch, staff party, or incentive event coming up and you’re looking for something different for a promotion, drop me a line today!

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