NUIG Freshers Week at Kingfisher Gym!

Had a lot of fun yesterday at Kingfisher Club in NUIG for NUIG Freshers Week. I was set up outside the gym and while the newly-arrived first years were getting their bearings I was getting them to sit for a caricature courtesy of the Kingfisher! NUIG is my alma mater so it was nice to … Read more

Black and White Caricature Wedding Presents!


caricature wedding presents black and white caricature of newly married grooms holding hands wearing black suitsAbout Caricature Wedding Presents

Caricature wedding presents are a unique gift. The one above winged its way to London to catch up with the newlywed gentleman pictured. They were very taken with their likenesses! Working from photos and your requirements I can turn around caricature art for any occasion, be it a wedding, a retirement, a birthday, an emigration, or of course Christmas! (I’m getting Christmas enquiries for corporate parties so I think I’m allowed to mention it!)

How Ordering a Caricature Works

There are a number of options available. These range from black and white head and shoulders @ €50 right up to framed A2 full body caricatures in colour. The latter includes jokes, hobbies, pets, and other details. I deliver all over Ireland and the UK too! If you don’t see what you’re after in the options on my order page just ask. I can tailor to suit your needs. After you’ve selected which caricature you’d like I work from recent head and shoulder photos supplied by you. I can incorporate whatever details you’d like included. I then work to completion within a 2 week time-frame, but can turn them around faster if required. Just ask when making your enquiry.

Order a caricature from Allan Cavanagh here. If you have any questions you can contact me 24 hours a day via my contact page.

Teambuilding Caricature Class in Irish Life HQ!

Team building exercises Ireland

Teambuilding caricature drawing eventOn Monday I was in Irish Life in Dublin giving a caricature class as part of a week-long teambuilding programme of fun events for staff. We got lucky with the weather and were able to do it outside, albeit in slightly breezy conditions! I started off with a quick presentation of some of my work, followed by a demonstration of how I draw a live caricature (I have it down to about 3 minutes but that’s taken me about 20 years!) I then gave the participants a handout on what to look for and what to exaggerate when drawing a caricature which I went through with them.

Then the fun began!

Caricature class run by artist Allan Cavanagh for teambuilding event DublinI had them sit opposite each other, bearing in mind what I’d demonstrated. They then had to draw the person opposite in the time allocated. The process involved capturing a simple likeness in pencil, then using Big Brush Tip Pitt Pens to commit the likeness to ink! Pitt pens are great. They have a brush tip which means you can vary the width of the line depending on the pressure you apply.

Teambuilding crash course in drawing caricatures. Great results!The standard was really very high, I was very impressed with the results.

Windy day but sunny at teambuilding caricature class Irish Life!I took a couple of shots hoping the breeze would let us see all of them eventually!

20 minutes into teambuilding caricature class, sun is still out, the drawings are great!They’re good, right? 🙂 And no-one took offence during this teambuilding task!

Things get competitive!

The competition began next. Sean, one of the Irish Life managers, sat for the artists.

The rest of the staff came out to see the progress, ice-creams in hand!

Of course I had a go myself! Myself and Sean then judged the results, giving 1st 2nd and 3rd places. Points were then allocated to each team represented by the winners. These go to a total based on all the other teambuilding events they’re running in there this week. A lot of fun, and nice to get a bit of sun!

Wedding Signing Board- Kilworth and Ballyhooly!

Caricature of newly married couple for a signing board by Irish caricature artist Allan Cavanagh

Some artwork from one of my wedding signing boards that went out in December. Remember if you order a signing board you get the digital artwork included for free, which can be used for wedding invitations and thank you cards!