RIP Ronnie Drew

Ronnie Drew
Photo: Kenny Gallery

Ronnie Drew has died. RIP.

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  1. since an early age i have been listening to the dubliners. the records were my dads who died in 1977 was very sad to hear of the death of ronnie drew long may his memory and contribution to music live

    god bless

  2. My name is Fabian Picco and although I’m not sure whom I’m writing too,I just had to write something concerning Ronnie Drew.
    I grew up in Newfoundland(Canada) and I often get pegged as being from Ireland by people with less sensitive ear’s. Growing up, the Dubliners music was always close at hand. We listened to them so much that I’ll admit,as a child, I thought they must be Newfoundlander’s. What else could they be! Of course I eventually learned they were totally Irish and what a gift it would have been if they had ,in fact,been from Newfoundland. My musical tastes are eclectic but when comfort is in short supply, the Dubliners music was/is a very valued place for me to rest my thought’s and many’s a time I’d come out the other end of their song’s recharged. I could go on about the Dub’s but its Ronnie I want to talk about.

    Sadly I have never had the pleasure of seeing the Dub’s in person, rather I have listened to every LP,tape,cd,dvd they have probably put out. Like a lot of people,I have a substantial music collection. People who know me well, know that there are a few music items I have which are “NO TOUCHY TOUCHY” items. Two of these “No Touchy Touchies” is my “Dirty Rotten Shame” Tape and CD. In the unlikely event of my house burning down late at night,I’ll be the naked guy standing by the fire truck with my Dirty Rotten Shame tape and cd. Yes! I like it that much!

    I always marveled at Ronnie’s presence.Once he opened his mouth and belted out a note(or hunk of coal), people just stopped and had to listen. You would often hear people ask, What in the sweet adorable Jesus is that? as they hear Ronnie for the first time. Even with the shock of his voice,people always asked to hear a wee bit more, and gladly I obliged.

    Needless to say I have been greatly influenced by Ronnie Drew and the rest of the lad’s. The music will always be close at hand for me and people who meet me,in the years to come, will be blessed at some point with a Dubliners introduction.

    My heart,prayers and thanks goes out to Ronnie’s family.My God how proud you must all be that Ronnie had the capacity to touch so many people,so far away.Ireland has produced more than its share of cultural Gem’s, but you would be foolish to try and find a larger Gem than Ronnie Drew!
    God Bless ya Ronnie!

    Fabian Picco

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