Scientist Wedding Caricature

Scientist Wedding Caricature as featured on one of my canvas signing boards for a recent wedding! The couple in question are both scientists, they must have great chemistry together! The signing board was a wedding gift and I got lovely feedback from the client:

Just wanted to say I received the canvas and it’s fab thanks so much

Their laboratory also has a signpost for Dublin and Meath, and the robins had a special significance. Their little dog Napolean got to feature in the caricature too. I draw lots of dogs, they’re important members of the family! I’m not sure what sort of experiment I’ve set up in the background there but it’s nice and colourful so they may be trying to perfect a fruit juice. Or possibly how to make love hearts float in the air. The last time I had to draw lab equipment was probably the Inter Cert but it’s amazing how it all comes back to you. The words copper sulphate solution have been banging around my head since I drew this. The lab coats really work with the wedding dress and suit!

Science jokes are hard, I tell people I’m a noble gas man but they never react. I also tell them never trust an atom, they make up everything. Actually that last one felt tachyon.  I might need to distill my humour a little longer. I shouldn’t muon though.

scientist wedding caricature
Scientist Wedding Caricature

If you’d like to order a caricature canvas signing board just drop me a line for more details. I deliver all over Ireland and pens are included.  I can be contacted via the menu above using text, WhatsApp or Messenger, you can drop me an email via my contact form, or just leave a comment below! You can see many many more samples of my wedding caricatures and other work by visiting my caricature artist blog.

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