Surf’s Up!

Went for a Sunday drive with the family to Lettermullen in Connemara yesterday after visiting the Coral Beach past Carraroe. As we neared the top of a hill we could see what appeared to be distant mountains- except they were moving. As we crested the hill we saw a sight that took our breath away. The sea was boiling up into 30-40′ waves that were crashing onto the coast, creating a thick spray that was being blown inland for miles. It’s hard to get a sense of the scale from the photos, but if you can imagine the sea wasn’t even a quarter mile from the shed above.

I’d never been out that far before and I’ve never seen waves that huge so close to land- and I grew up in Donegal! Sometimes the sights you see around Galway when on a whim you take that back road instead of driving on are a treasure, and Galway has so many of these hidden gems warped into the rugged coast that you could spend years finding them all.

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