Symantec- Credit where credit’s due

As described earlier, my computer is deceased, no more, gone to the big Dell outlet in the sky. One of the implications of this is that certain software subscriptions I’d had on that machine are no longer any use. A case in point is Norton Antivirus. I know it has its critics but I’ve always found it effective and has prevented me getting viruses from certain, shall we say, not quite tech savvy people 😀

I’d set Norton for automatic renewal when I downloaded it, which meant the subscription would renew and be charged to my credit card. Of course this happened within two days of my Dimension dying. I thought that was sixty odd quid down the swanny, but I emailed Symantec customer support and explained. I received one of the most courteous replies to tell me the amount had been refunded to my card and the automatic subscription cancelled the next day. They had my money, I asked for it back and they gave with no fuss whatsoever.

I’ve had bad experiences with some software and hardware support before, so when I get good support I like to sing about it. And on an ironic note Tom Richmond posted this around the same time as my harddrive packed in.

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