Thinking of buying a laptop? Steer clear of Dell Studios.

Round about this time last year I bought a Dell Studio 1735. On the experience of that purchase I’ll never buy Dell again: this badly designed, unresponsive piece of plastic has expunged me of any trust in any other Dell products. Firstly, the keyboard has the most dreadful action of any keys I’ve ever pressed, … Read more

Normal service should resumish…

Well after the death of my hard drive I had moved onto the monster Alienware computer that my friend left me (on loan) when he left Galway. I used it a few times, created a new profile for myself, reinstalled software and so on. Then one morning last week I tried to boot it up, … Read more

RIP Drive C:

Well it’s been quiet here the last few days because my harddrive has suffered a fatal mechanical failure. I’ve lost quite a lot of stuff that I hadn’t backed up (but of course had been meaning to) and I was locked out of the blog. Trying no to think about it too much, but back … Read more