The New Doctor Caricature: Peter Capaldi! #doctorwho

Picture of New Doctor actor Peter Capaldi by Allan Cavanagh of Caricatures Ireland
I had a quick go at the new (12th? 13th? John Hurt must have a number!) Doctor, actor Peter Capaldi (previous one of Matt Smith as the Doctor is here). I never really have an opinion on casting as I wait to see the newly regenerated Doctor’s personality form. I’m a little sad that Smith had such a short tenure, he had some great moments but never really found purchase on a good story as Steven Moffat constantly and annoyingly changed the dramatic goalposts. I’m kind of relieved to see an older actor in the role again, and hopefully he can go a series without falling in love with his companion.
If anyone would like the original artwork leave a comment below and I’ll pull a name out of a hat at the end of the week.
UPDATE: We have a winner! Congrats Phil!

21 thoughts on “The New Doctor Caricature: Peter Capaldi! #doctorwho”

  1. hullo, i think you is a great draw-rer and i very much like this latest work. I’m not really a dr who fan but i saw eolai give your tweet an RT and because he is my girlfriends brother i decided to follow some of his advice. I hope it goes to a deserving home and you get commissioned for a glut of dr who caricatures. ktxsbye

  2. Good work! I’m starting to build a little collection of Doctor Who drawings and this would look great on my wall beside them!

  3. Oh wow, my 8 year old son would love this as would my husband. They’re both HUGE Dr Who fans. I have to leave the house when its on because I disturb them.

  4. Woooweeooooo woooweeoooo fellow Whovian! You are gifted- we’d love to win! Thanks for giving us a chance!

  5. Great picture.

    I fail at internet comments so “insert witty saying here” and pretend like I said it.

  6. Good likeness there:) Can’t help wondering what he’s going to do with that sonic screwdriver!

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