The Next Big Thing: Crystal Swing

If you think you’ve been affected by this video, or know someone who has, you can contact Crystal Swing at

6 thoughts on “The Next Big Thing: Crystal Swing”

  1. Please repeal my last comment Re: Devla, Facebook – My apologies, looks like a fake page – lists her age as 26, all other sources say 17 and there is a separate page with more friends that looks more plausible.

  2. Dervla list her political views as ‘British National Party’ on her Facebook profile…. the BNP was described by the European Parliament’s committee on racism and xenophobia as an “openly Nazi party … whose leadership have serious criminal convictions, not so funny now.

  3. its like something out of fr ted, for the eurovision. its gas but embarrassing at the same time. they might be on the ellen show in the coming months…cringe

  4. Pure genius. He drinks tequila and she talks dirty in Spanish. It doesn’t get better than that.

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