Tigh Neachtains, the Time Machine

Tigh Neachtain Pub Galway

Finally got to feature my favourite pub in Double Vision this week, Neachtains on Cross Street. It’s the one place that’s the same (give or take a few tweaks) as it was when I came to Galway in 1994. Everywhere else I used to frequent has had its guts ripped out and renovated, or else has become a strip bar (I’m looking at you Taylors, or Club Pervydiso as I think it’s now called).

It was a Monday and I only went in for a bottle of beer and a read, bumped into Charlie and the Snapper, and suddenly it was Tuesday morning and someone was inside my head attempting to scrape their way out. This phenomenon is known as Galway. There was some aytin’ done in Cava on Dominick Street as well, really nice place and a decent range of veggie tapas for fussy bastards like me. All that’s missing from the name is a nagh.

In my research for this drawing I also came across this video of De Dannan performing in Neachtains in 1983. All that’s really changed is the paint and the fashions. I think the people in the background are still there.

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