“Tonight Matthew I’m going to be Jon Osterman”

I went to town as Dr. Manhattan last night. Only one person actually said, “oh, there’s Dr. Manhattan”. I thought loads of people would have got it at this stage with the movie coming out next year. One girl on the street said “oh, wait, you’re that guy from the Watch thingy”. Other guesses were The Mask, Stargate(!) and The Grinch (I don’t even know where to start with that one).
I was going to go naked and paint myself from top to toe in blue, but the excessive shaving needed put me off so I decided I’d wear the suit in the end. I ended up sitting beside the only Smurfette in Neachtains too. Oh the blue irony. I saw 3 Jesuses (is that the plural of Jesus?) and a very attractive glass of Guinness, but no other Watchmen.

I’d have loved to get contacts to go with it. Maybe next year. Although maybe next year I’ll be Rorchach.

7 thoughts on ““Tonight Matthew I’m going to be Jon Osterman””

  1. Yea, thats sweet
    but i’m gonna go for it and do the shaving and wear that loin cloth thing from the movie.
    also getting white contacts that glow with blacklight!

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