Trent Keegan RIP

TRENT KEEGAN (12 August 1974 – 28 May 2008)

A book of condolences has been opened at Bold Art Gallery on Merchants Road and will remain there for the month of June.

Melissa has a tribute up on her blog. Trent wasn’t so much her right hand man as her third, fourth, fifth and sixth arms, and two good driving legs!

Trent’s biography
RTE News

I’ve set up a facebook group as well.

Nikki Keegan has left a message below (click the link to jump).


The following few were taken by Melissa Mannion (Melissa I’m hotlinking because I don’t want to copy your images!)

These were taken the Friday before he died in Tanzania and are copyright Brian MacCormaic removed at Brian’s request.

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  1. This news is deeply saddening. Trent, you are truly one of the most beautiful people I have ever known. I am so proud to say I shared quality time with you and will keep this time in Edinburgh close to my heart.
    XOXOXOX Emy.

  2. Remembering you today and yesterday Trent, and missing your larger than life presence in all of our lives
    A commemoration will be held by your friends in Nairobi on Saturday next at 2pm at Uhuru Highway to remember you.
    To Trish, Mike, Nikki and Scotty, please know that we are with you in your great sadness at this time..

  3. It’s almost a year now since our great friend and colleague, Trent Keegan was taken from us, and we still don’t know, and we possibly will never know who was responsible for his death.

    Understandably, the expressions of disbelief and shock that swamped the Internet immediately after his death have since died down. But that does not mean we have forgotten. There are still some who are fighting his cause, and trying to get to the bottom of the case he was trying to uncover.

    As you will be aware, there are still many questions which so far remain unanswered about the possibility that Trent was murdered in connection with a major story he was trying to investigate – a dispute between local Maasai herdsmen in the Sukenya region of Tanzania and Thomson Safari company from Boston in the US.
    • Why was it that Trent’s laptop and camera were among the only items stolen (and never recovered), while his passport, cash and Visa cards were left behind by his murderers?
    • How come Thomson Safaris appear to have accessed personal files from Trent’s laptop (and mine), which were given to the local District Commissioner in Loliondo, Tanzania, by Thomson’s local manager? Presumably the only ones with access to Trent’s files at present are those who stole his laptop when he was murdered.
    • Why have the District Commissioner in Loliondo, or the police in Nairobi not investigated this further, despite being informed of a possible link between the files and the people who stole Trent’s laptop?
    • And lastly, why have the Irish or New Zealand governments not held their own independent post-mortem enquiries into Trent’s death.

    It seems the authorities in all countries concerned – Kenya, Tanzania, Ireland, and New Zealand, – are happy to let this story die.

    However, Trent’s friends in Kenya have not forgotten him, and a small memorial service is planned for Saturday, 30 May at 2pm, at the site on Uhuru Highway where his body was found.

    Will there be a memorial service in Salthill, Galway again this year to remember Trent? If anybody is aware of arrangements, could you please post details as soon as possible to allow people attend.

  4. Trent did our wedding photos in august 04, he was just brilliant and so patient with everyone . He was a great proffessional and helped make our day so memeorable from all the great photos he took of our families and all.
    Will always remember him as a kind and gentle guy
    and reading the tributes he obviously touched many people in his personal and business life.
    God bless to you Trent

  5. You walked into my dreaming last night at about 3am and you were full of warmth and light and knew where you were heading to.

    Thank you for bringing warmth to our time in Scotland and All Hallows eve will never be the same again….. and thankyou for being the shining soul that you are.

    Many blessings on your journey and the warmest prayers to your family.

  6. I found out about Trent’s death one day afterwards. I’ve never met him but the more I read about him the more I realise what a great loss it is to lose such a fellow. He sounded like a remarkable, kind hearted person.

    I work at The Committee to Protect Journalists and am, in our own way, trying to investigate this case further. It is still difficult to pin down exact dates – if anyone can help me learn which dates Trent was in Nairobi and in Arusha – this could really be useful. Please send me a comment if you have any suggestions.


  7. I last saw Trent two days before he was taken from us in Arusha, Tanzania. He had been staying with my neighbours whilst investigating a story in the local area. We had arranged to meet again in Nairobi, but I didn’t expect it to be under such circumstances. His friends will be going to the spot where he was found tomorrow at 11 am to lay flowers and remember him the way you have all have remembered him.

    Having read all previous comments, I can relate to all your experiences of Trent as an exceptional human being. Although I only knew him for a short time, he made a big impact on my life and way of thinking.

    I am proud to be able to call him a friend and will miss him dearly.


  8. As another Press Photographer who crossed paths with Trent on a number of occasions around the world, it’s deeply saddening when one hears of Trent’s tragic and untimely death.

    Trent shall be missed by many of his friends, family and colleuges who shall remember him for his wit, sense of humour and living life to the fullest attitude.

    With condolences to everyone whose life he touched. he’s missed already.


  9. It’s 12.05am and I’m fulfilling my subbing duties as a member of what you called (and sometimes rightly so) the deplorable NZ media. I’ve had plenty of one-sided conversations with you in the past few days – not that you’d have minded, you were always a great listener – and I’m thinking what a great teacher you were in showing us all how to live a beautiful life and that we mustn’t forget the lessons you’ve demonstrated – to live each day to the fullest, and with humility, passion and love. xxxxxxooooooxxxxxxx

  10. 17 years of friendship, 17 years of fantastic memories,
    trent always brought a smile to my face made us all laugh, was always getting u up to dance, his hugs were just wonderful. i truely am speachless that this horrific act has happened to this amazing, loving caring, happy and very passionate person. my heart goes out to his whole family at this time. ride well in that big beautiful sky my friend and capture all the photos you can, until the day i see you up there,xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxxox

  11. I remember hanging out with trent in my teens and even then he was so gentle smiley and caring

  12. The tribute has been finalised. 9.30pm at Salthill beach to remember a wonderful man as the sun goes down over Galway bay. Meeting on June 3, Tuesday, at the prom in Salthill (near Seapoint) before heading down to the beach to remember Trent. I hope a fitting tribute to a man who loved the outdoors.

  13. I never had a brother, but I was blessed to be given Trent. I want ya back mate, don’t go.
    The couch will never be the same. Whose gonna sit next to me and leave bum dents in the foam cushion from sitting there for days on end at the computer.
    I have your hard drives and will forever look after your pics. Your tool belt is in the shed which i’ll wear with pride.
    I know you will be always with me.
    Your mate, friend and brother (in-law)
    Scottie xxx

  14. Dearest Friends

    We cannot thank you enough for all your kind words about our dearly beloved Trent. It is with such a heavy heart that I write this.

    It is truly a tragedy that he should be taken from us all. He meant the world no harm, just wanted to help those around him and share his love as best he knew how.

    Thank you for remembering him for all that he is – one of the world’s most beautifully natured, infectiously happy people.

    Always a smile, many a kind word and a big hug. We know heaven awaits with open arms.

    We miss you so much Trent, rest in peace dear Boy.

    Much love Trish, Mike, Nicola, Scott, and family x x x x

  15. A true gentleman and I am in a fog of sadness and grief at the loss of my best male friend. I will miss hearing ‘G’day, fantastic and keep smiling’ I will miss the leisurely lunches, the glass of wine, and the company. I wrote a few words for the Connacht and City Tribune this week and happy to have them compiled into a book for his parents. Still working on the memorial. Will keep you posted.

  16. Trent came into our lives over 10 years ago in Edinburgh, he was responsible for us meeting, he set up our first date and was a huge part of our Scottish life. 8 years ago we moved to Melbourne and in between times we met up with Trent in Galway,London, Auckland, New Plymouth, Melbourne and Edinburgh. In March this year Trent was our witness, friend and photographer at our tiny Byron Bay wedding, a wedding that he was so largely responsible for!!

    Words alone can’t do the big man enough justice – kind, gentle, loving, adventurous, caring, passionate – a man who spread happiness wherever he walked. A real example to us all. Just reading the posts here and throughout the internet show just how much love, joy and happiness this gentle Kiwi giant spread through the world to so many.

    We miss you terribly, Mr Trent, but we know that you are out there watching over us laughing at our nonsense and inspiring us all to live our dreams. You are a star and you shine brightly in our hearts always. Thank you for brightening up our lives.

  17. Havent seen you for a few years but you still bring a smile to my face when i think of you big fella!
    I was always a bit envious of how positve you could be about everything and how you could see the good in us all.

    Farewell Stretch – time for you to saddle up and ride off into the sunset.


  18. Trent (or Stretch as we used to know you as). It is hard to put in to words just how much it hurts to know that you are now gone. I just know you’ll be grinning at us from the skies. Mum said she saw a rainbow over your mums house this morning and she reckons it was you letting us all know that you’re in a good place and that you are ok. Forever in our hearts and our minds. Love you my friend xoxo

  19. So Sad to hear you are gone, you took some shots at myself and Teresa’s wedding last august and you made the both of us feel so relaxed with your wit and energy, you will be so missed Trent,you touched the hearts of so many people who have met you, yours is a light that will never go out, Such a gentle soul, Rest in Peace.

  20. Trent, so sad, but a pleasure to have the memories of your visits after school /work and the laughter you bought into our house. A fine young man. Our condolences to friends and family.

  21. Looking through the various pictures on Trents site draws a tear.
    Trent I can’t believe your gone. With a personality as strong as your handshake you’ll never be forgotten. Chasing your dreams and fulfilling your ambitions, your an inspiration to us all.
    Dear friend, I miss you.

  22. I can’t believe that Trent is dead. He took fantastic pictures of my family last year. He was great craic and we had a great time and had great patience getting good pictures of the kids. He will be sorely missed by anybody he ever met. RIP

  23. We held an exhibition of Trent’s photographs in our cafe in september was such a memorable night – for lots of reasons! Trent was hopeful that some of his ‘mates’ would turn up – instead the city crammed into the cafe that night. but the big surprise was yet to come. trent didn’t realise his parents had flown all the way from New Zealand to share the evening with him – and when his mum walked in the door of the cafe, it was as if his photographs and all of us appeared to fall away as Trent folded his big giant frame around her. They held each other for an age – nothing else seemed to matter – their love for one another was palpable. It made me cry that evening for a mother to know such love and I cry today for its loss.

    Thank you for crossing our lives and for your photographs. grainne and anton

  24. I’ve just spoken to his cousin Joanne in Dublin, she’ll be down for the service.
    It’s a real testament to Trent the amount of grief that’s mixed with pride in the comments here.
    @Mark, that’s a great idea, if you need any help with it let me know. There’ll be no shortage of material!
    Feel free to keep leaving your comments, I’m getting a lot of traffic from NZ so I’d say the family has seen this post and the messages will show how much Trent was loved and by how many.

  25. Knowing I’ll never hear that big “eddie murphy” laugh makes me sad, (not to mention him insisting I kiss him at least 4 times every time we meet!)
    Don’t want to believe it

    The plan is to celebrate Trents Life on the beach by candle light tuesday night…to be confirmed check out ‘Galway First’ on Monday for details

  26. The only solas at this dreadful and confusing time is that Trent appears to have died following his dream and passion – capturing life through the lens with its attendant horrors and happiness, chaos and charm, pain and passion,

    A huge man in every way.

    Some of us want to put together a book of pictures and words to send to his sister and folks so that they know the wonderful impact he had on our lives and our city.


  27. trent and myself used to work construction together as carpenters years ago when he first arrived in ireland .it was winter, cold and wet and outside,but that boy thought he was in the bahamas he was that happy.his dream then was to get taking pictures for a living and many a day was spent chatting about when he was gonna pack away the tools.then one day like it hit him in an instance he decided to head for galway,i hadnt seen him since that day but you always remember the people who touch the were a good man old friend,a beautiful man.

  28. I first met Trent when I moved to Galway. we shared a house together. I cannot express how shocked and upset I am by this sensless act. Trent was kind, caring and a true friend. he was a gentle soul and will never be forgotten.
    Barry & Oonagh

  29. Trent will be missed so much. We had the pleasure to have him photograph our wedding last December and he made the day so special for us. His energy, his joy and most of all he was so full of life. I am so sad to his of his death. Trent we will miss you and thank you for the memories you have given us that we will treasure forever. Everyone spoke about you after the wedding and how you made everyone smile. Life is so unfair. i hope you are in heaven taking the best shots! All our love, Olivia & Michael

  30. Alive in our hearts – Always ………… Trent will be sadly missed

  31. I just read it on the news. Kiwi aside, young people who persue their passion like this man has deserve our respect. His photos express truth and caring. Why the angry retort?

  32. So sorry to see Trent gone in such tragic circumstances
    Trent will be sorely missed by all his friends in Galway
    R.I.P. mate

  33. A darling boy who is remebered so dear, so fleeting;y I knew you. So lovely are the childhood photos I of have. I am crying and crying so desparately sorry for your family and friends you have left behind. bev xxx

  34. Trent, you’ll be missed by all who were blessed to have you in their lives. Such a gentle giant and true friend xxxxx RIP xxxxxx

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