Using Coca-Cola to distribute rehydration salts

Russian Coke
Photo owned by mivanov (cc)
I came across this idea via the excellent leCraic:

That Coca Cola use their distribution channels (which are amazing in developing countries) to distribute rehydration salts. Maybe by dedicating one compartment in every 10 crates as ‘the life saving’ compartment?

It’s from former aid worker Simon Berry. He’s started a facebook group and is trying to set up a meeting with Coca-Cola. If you have a facebook account, why not join the group? I did.

4 thoughts on “Using Coca-Cola to distribute rehydration salts”

  1. Thanks for featuring this. I thought you’d be intersted to know that Coca Cola have now responded and offered ‘to chat’. This has been brought about by the interest this idea has created, the efforts of the BBC and by people like you writing about it.

    We are the top story on the BBC’s iPM programme at 5pm today (24/5/08) and you will be able listen again via the BBC website.

    We are making good progress!



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