Way to lose my business Eircom

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Eircom has decided to block its customers from accessing Pirate Bay from the 1 September. I don’t use the site, I’ve never even visited the site, and have ambigous feelings about file sharing, but I will not be dictated to by Eircom as to what I can and can’t access.

I rang Eircom today and told the customer service rep that if this goes ahead I’m gone, as are a number of people I know.

I always treat decisions like this as the thin end of the wedge because they usually are. Eircom has rolled over at the unchallenged behest of record labels, and that stinks to me as if I’d trod in dogshit in Salthill. So not only will Eircom be losing me as a customer, I’ll be actively encouraging other customers to drop them too.

BT and UPC are two alternatives I’ll be looking at. Actually I don’t think BT will get my business either as I’ve just spotted Tom Dunne is endorsing it.

Twenty Major, Damien and Adrian Weckler are also discussing it.

3 thoughts on “Way to lose my business Eircom”

  1. Well, kinda hard to know what exactly it is doing, It has stated that it has been bought and the new company is going to use the existing structure i.e. bittorrent and “reward” the uploaders as distributors, no mention of charging the downloaders as yet but watch this space……

    Also the entire TPB site is now available to download and can be set up very easily, and thepiratebay2 is registred…!!!

  2. Is it? I thought it was just being bought. That may mean Eircom is getting IRMA off its back with a gesture that’s ultimately meaningless.

  3. It is the thin edge of the wedge and what is the story anyway, TPB is also closing on the same day WTF ???

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