10 minute Russell Brand caricature

Russell Brand caricature
This is a 10 minute sketch from my notebook of Russell Brand. I drew him because there is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING ELSE GOING ON IN THE WORLD anywhere at all at all.
I think the real controversy here is that such a banal story as this has been given such long, drainpipe-wearing legs. It’s still floating around the BBC website today, and even made mention in the Houses of Parliament.
Now what was that about global economic something or other? And wasn’t there some mention of an altercation around the Middle East? I seem to have been distracted by eyeliner and big/floppy hair, and a few thousand parchment-thin hides sitting by the phone, just waiting for something to complain about, and ripping in half when it comes.

2 thoughts on “10 minute Russell Brand caricature”

  1. I wonder if the bank execs will put Brand and Ross on a retainer. This has been a weapon of mass distraction.
    I hate the way entertainment stories have crept up the agenda of serious news.

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