Birthday Gifts for Her Ireland!

40th birthday present ideas ireland
I had a lot of fun with this recent birthday caricature gift. I had a nice long list of traits and interests of the subject and her husband to work from, which is always good because it takes a long time to take everything in once the present is given. Where there is lots of detail the person can be looking at the caricature months later and suddenly spot something new! The lady in this drawing has her own YouTube channel with 3.3 million views of a video with a shark. She’s also very into painting, and the art of the Brazilian artist Romero Britto so I was able to incorporate all 3 in the easel detail:
Brazilian artist Romero Britto
I drew a cheeky shark in the style of Romero Britto!
I received great feedback from the client:

Just a quick line to say thanks a million for the superb job you did on the piece. She’s absolutely thrilled with it – really hit the nail on the head.

Thanks again and will recommend in the future

A caricature is a unique gift for birthdays and each one is tailored to your needs. For details of my caricature gifts just drop me a line!

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