Charlie Adley’s Double Vision – Only Victims Decide Whether You’re Racist!

peter casey michael d higgins presidential election 2018
Peter Casey Michael D. Higgins Cartoon – Allan Cavanagh

“Around the world, from Turkey to Brazil, the Philippines to the USA and all over Europe people are voting for right-wing extremists.

Surely we’re safe here though? If populism came to Ireland, what form could it take?”

Michael D. Higgins and some guy who says he says it like it is but it isn’t, from this cartoon illustrating Charlie’s latest column on the increasing visibility of racism in Ireland. There’s nothing new about it but snivelling racists have felt emboldened by the meanderings of some twat off the telly whose narcissism drove him to run for President. I was going to draw Casey prising the lid off Irish racism but fuck him, let the words of Michael D. Higgins obscure the base instincts of this nobody until he’s a distant memory:

“This election shows that our journey is under way and that it includes all age categories, and, while led by young people, can be seen amongst all ages and in all the regions, urban and rural, women and men.

We are in a time of transformation and there is a momentum for empathy, compassion, inclusion and solidarity which must be recognised and celebrated.

A real republic is a life lived together and ‘together’ has been one of those words that has resonated throughout this campaign, as has another word – authenticity. Both are so important. People are interested in conversations and ideas that are sincere and constructive.

Words matter. Words can hurt. Words can heal. Words can empower. Words can divide.

The next seven years will offer opportunities to do things in new ways; including everybody.

That requires identifying and facing exclusions, and more than just eliminating barriers, it means the exercising of new invitations.

A real Republic is a Republic of equality, of shared vulnerabilities and of collective capacities.”

I’m delighted with how fitting it is that I get to show this cartoon on the day Michael D. Higgins is inaugurated, and the 100th anniversary of the Armistice takes place. Let peace, reason, patience, empathy and compassion reign.

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