Black and White St. Patrick’s Day Colouring-In Page

Another one of the St. Patrick’s Day projects I worked on this year was this St. Patrick colouring page for the Galway City Museum. This Saint Patrick and snake appeared in the special pull-out supplement in the Galway Advertiser. I pitched a slightly more dynamic take on St. Patrick than you’re probably used to seeing. I wanted to make him wilder and more Celtic-looking than the pretty modern bishop garb he’s usually in, so he’s barefoot and wearing a cloak. I also had a notion St. Patrick would have had a rougher and more improvised crozier than usually depicted so the crozier here is based on a branch of blackthorn. It’s a little bit Gandalf, a little bit Bumi King of Omashu, and a little bit Wolfwalkers (I watched this recently and it’s hard not to be inspired by the style!).
You can print this St. Patrick off at home for the little ones to colour in this St. Patrick’s Day by clicking here to access the image. If you’re reading this on social media you should visit my website for a more printer-friendly version.
Other things to look out for include Galway City Council’s virtual parade taking place online this year, including animations

Saint Patricks Day Colouring In Page for Schools Free
Activity colouring page for the Galway City Museum

based on the drawings received from children. Details will be announced soon but having seen a rough cut I can say it’s going to be something quite special.

I also drew each element seperately for older kids to use as an inspiration for their own drawings of St. Patrick:

Activity Page Galway City Museum Saint Patrick’s Day 2021

You can see my poster calling for entries for the virtual St. Patrick’s Day Parade here, and you can download another colouring in/ activity page of a Galway Saint Patrick’s Day scene here.

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