Going throught the archives…

Allan 8:41 pm

George Bush Google Earth Cartoon
I have a wealth of cartoons from Double Vision that haven’t seen the light of day on this blog and some of them proved very popular when published in the Connacht Tribune, so every so often I’m going to pull them out of the ether for you to enjoy. Some of them are a bit strange out of the context of the article… actually most of them are strange in the context of the article so forget that and just behold my mighty line!

You can see more cartoons here.

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It’s on, it’s off… it’s on again!

Allan 1:35 pm

Update to previous post: It appears that the Macnas Parade has been saved. Galway City Council have pledged an emergency fund for the Galway Arts Festival, who had a major sponsor pull out earlier this year. Part of this fund is going into a budget […]

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Allan Cavanagh- as seen in the Inishowen Independent!

Allan 1:16 pm

I’m now contributing to Inishowen‘s favourite local paper, the Inishowen Independent. Above is a cartoon of the local candidates for Donegal North-East, l-r from top: Cecilia Keaveney, Frank Gallagher, Arthur McGuinness, Ian McGarvey, Siobhan McLaughlin, Padraig McLochlainn, Mary Doherty, Niall Blaney, Joe McHugh, Jimmy Harte […]

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