Storyboard for a Short Film on YouTube

Allan 3:43 pm

This is a storyboard for a short film I worked on with some friends last year. They’re due to start shooting it in May having secured some funding, so I popped it up on YouTube. I’m going to put up the trailer they made when I get my hands on it, and hopefully the finished short. It’ll be interesting to see the page-to-screen process.

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Father’s Terribly Morbid Sense of Humour Rubs off on Son…

Allan 3:16 pm

Cradle to grave cartoonMy son’s favourite motif in his drawings at the moment. Should I be worried? Only that he’s going to turn out like me, but that’s a good thing. Yes it is. Quiet down the back.gravestone cartoon“Rest In Quiet”?

I find this really reassuring: the guy is smiling the whole way through his life, right up to the end. You’re born, you live, then you die. So why worry?

So don’t worry. Just keep smiling and waving.

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